LNE's high-efficiency topcon double-glazed modules, creating a new PV future together


Abstract: LNE high-efficiency double-glass reaches a maximum power of 585W, with a conversion efficiency of 22.44%, a temperature coefficient attenuation of 0.3%/degree Celsius, and an annual degradation rate of 0.4%. The backsheet strength glass endows the module with resistance to hidden cracking, acid and alkali, salt spray, UV and PID characteristics. It excels in desert, farm, coastal and extreme cold environments and can withstand high wind and snow pressures. LNE's topcon modules offer a wide variety of options in the rooftop PV trend and together we are creating a new future for photovoltaics.

Full Article:SL5N108 420-435watt and SL5N144 565-580watt are high-efficiency glass-to-glass modules based on N-type TOPCon technology and 182mm monocrystalline silicon wafer cells.

LNE offers a 25-year linear warranty for its single-glass products and a 30-year linear warranty for its double-glass products, guaranteeing the modules' long-term stable power generation. The module's double-glass design enhances its application performance, better adapts to difficult environments, and provides higher output efficiency and reliability to meet the diversified needs of various markets and offer new choices for customers.

Dual-glass technology is accompanied by cost-reducing and efficiency-enhancing technologies for cells, modules and systems. This combination provides a solid foundation for realizing significant increases in power output and achieving high efficiencies. With LNE's leading manufacturing process, double-glass modules can reach a maximum power of 585W with a conversion efficiency of 22.44%, a temperature coefficient of attenuation as low as 0.3%/degree Celsius, and a maximum annual degradation rate of 0.4%, resulting in more profits for customers.

Double-glass modules are more resistant to hidden cracks, acid and alkali, salt spray, UV and PID because of the strength glass backsheet. with their strong load resistance and reliable quality, they show excellent durability and maintain high and stable output efficiency even in desert, farm, coastal and extreme cold environments. They can withstand wind pressure up to 2400 Pa and snow pressure up to 5400 Pa.

In recent years, rooftop photovoltaics have become a notable trend in home electricity use. In addition to the amount of electricity, the compatibility of the PV module with the roof load and the overall aesthetics of the roof are also important considerations. lne's topcon modules are available in black and all-black frames in addition to silver frames, and are designed specifically for residential roofing applications.

Competition in the industry relies on products, and competition in products relies on quality. LNE volunteers to be one with its customers, to fulfill all their needs, and to create a new PV future together.