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LNE Energy

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Solar Panel

About LNE Energy

Suzhou LNE Energy Co.,Ltd is a high-tech leading 3Gw solar panel manufacture with solar manufacturing experience.

Our main products are MONO PERC Solar Panels and N-type TOPNCON Solar Panels with M12 10BB Half Cell technology which allows products ranging from 400watt, 410watt, 415watt, 425watt, 430watt, 435watt, 550watt, 555watt, 575watt and 580watt.
All LNE’s solar panels can be made to Facial Solar Panels with structure of Glass-Foil as well as Bifacial Solar Panels with structure of Glass-Glass structure.

Our experienced material’s election, full-automation manufacturing equipment’s and supply-chain’s low cost allow LNE energy’s products with highquality but affordable.

PERC Solar Panel


Perc Solar Panel


Perc Solar Panel

TOPCON Solar Panel


Topcon Solar Panel


Topcon Solar Panel

Solar Panel in Applications

Utility Projects

Sweden 10MW

Commercial Projects

Romania 1.1MW

Residential Projects

Dusseldorf 9.6KW

What LNE Energy Offer
for Distributor?

LNE Energy offer distributor product supply, competitive prices, cmprehensive

support and brand support After-sales service.Dedicated to exploring and innovation
in order to realize sustainable development for green energy.
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