LN Energy: Quality Assurance and Certification for Product Design and Manufacturing


Abstract: LN Energy products have been verified by a number of certification organizations, including SGS, TÜV of Germany, CQC of China and so on. Their electrical performance, safety performance and adaptability are fully recognized. The products are manufactured based on years of workmanship and material product warranty, and the modules have passed many tests for long time climate exposure durability. The company is committed to an ISO-compliant management system to provide quality services to meet customer needs and continuously improve customer satisfaction.

Full Article: LN Energy's product design and manufacturing is based on years of workmanship and material product warranties, years of fully automated production line production quality assurance of modules.

LN Energy's products have been certified by SGS, TÜV Germany, CQC China, INMETRO Brazil, etc. The power generation performance, safety performance and strong adaptability in various application scenarios of the products have been fully recognized and verified.

In order to fully verify the safety performance of the products, LNE modules have obtained TÜV Süd certificates, TÜV North Germany salt spray, ammonia and sand dust test certificates, and the certification of the Golden Sun of Check & Balance, so that the basic safety and performance of the modules have been fully verified.

IEC61730/IEC61215 Electrical Performance and Mechanical Load of PV Modules , Modules pass the appearance inspection of this standard, determination of maximum power, insulation test, measurement of temperature coefficient, measurement of the rated operating temperature of the cell, outdoor exposure test, hot plate endurance test, wet freezing, etc., which show that LNE modules can withstand long time climate exposure at a reasonable cost and within a reasonable period of time.

We are committed to establishing an integrated management system that complies with ISO standards, to proactively meet the needs and expectations of our customers, and to provide quality services in the industry. Our ultimate goal is to continuously improve customer satisfaction, which means we will do our best to fulfill our commitments and strive to achieve quality and yield assurance in the production field.